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Jal (band)

Jal (Urdu: جل, translation: Water) is a Pakistani pop/rock band formed in Lahore in 2002. The group was formed by Goher Mumtaz (vocals and guitar) and Atif Aslam (vocals).
They achieved fame with the release of the single "Aadat", after which lead vocalist, Atif Aslam, left the band and was replaced by new vocalist Farhan Saeed and bassist Aamir Sheraz. Their new lineup followed by their debut album, Aadat (2004), which was declared the best selling album of 2004 on Geo TV by the owner of Sadaf Stereo. The band's second album, Boondh (2007), won 3 awards, including the Best Album of the Year and the Best Video Award for Song "Sajni" at the Lux Style Awards in 2008. Jal revealed on their account that they are Preparing for their third Studio Album, which is expected to come in mid 2011 in Both India and Pakistan.
The band is among the first of contemporary Pakistani bands that fuse Urdu vocals with modern Pop.


Jal was formed in Lahore in 2002 when Atif Aslam and Goher Mumtaz composed their first song by the name "Aadat". Soon after, began their search for like minded musicians to complete his band. They ran into Shazi (Aamir), a bass guitarist and after a few jamming sessions invited Shazi to join Jal. Jal's first single "Aadat" was released in December, 2003. Before the release of its video "Aadat" was released of the internet through a local Pakistani web portal. The song enjoyed the status of the most downloaded Pakistani song on the internet for quite some time and was extensively popular by the time the video was released.

Directed by Umer Anwar the single burst into the Pakistani music scene and took it by storm. Receiving an amazing amount of air time by all the music channels and entering music charts. The video was rated 4th best video of the year 2003 by ARY The Muzik within days of its release. The success of the "Aadat" can partly be gauged by the countless concert offerers the band received immediately after the release of the song and partly by its rating to date on music channels.

However, by the end of December, 2003 due to musical differences, Atif Aslam parted ways with the band while Goher Mumtaz once again searched for a vocalist. It was then that Sultan Raja, Bassist of Call, introduced Farhan Saeed Butt to Goher and thus Jal found a new voice. By the time Jal came up with their new line-up "Aadat's" video was already doing rounds on the local music channels with the former singer Atif Aslam's vocals. The song was thus re-done for the official release in their debut album Aadat.

Aadat (2004–2006)

Jal released their debut album, "Aadat", which did well at the charts. Their first single "Aadat" topped the charts and stayed at the top for two weeks. Singles from the album were "Panchi", "Bikhra Hoon Main", "Aadat", "Lamhey", "Ik Din Ayega", "Dil Haarey", and "Teri Yaad". Five songs from the album received Top 40 airplay in Pakistan. The title track, "Aadat," was remade for the Bollywood movie Kalyug. Few of the songs from the album, also appeared on Atif Aslam's debut album "Jal Pari" after Atif Aslam left the band. This led to a dispute between Atif Aslam and Jal about who owned the rights to the songs.

Sales of the album were such that it remained at the top of the Pakistani music charts for several weeks after its release. Sadaf Stereo Records, the record company which released the album in Pakistan announced that Aadat was the best selling album of 2004. This was followed by the release of album in India by HOM Records, where it was highly successful too.

In 2006, Jal had created waves as the latest Pakistani band on the block, even as their album Aadat continues to climb the charts locally, and their 2005 track "Woh Lamhe" was a hit, even a year after its release. A remix of the song later appeared in the Bollywood film Zeher.

Boondh (since 2007)

In 2007 Jal released its second music album named "Boondh" and in 2008 released it in Mumbai, India. Farhan Saeed, the lead vocalist of the band, explained the title of the album "'Boondh' is not the name of any song in the album, but is basically the theme of the album and covers all the songs in it. The name suggests that we as a band are just like a small droplet of water in the sea of music, which covers Pakistan, Asia and the entire world where our music is heard. It is our small contribution to the sea of music," said Farhan.

The album was followed by a live tour, mainly in South Asia, with concerts all over Pakistan, and a few places in India.

Music style

Jal's Goher Mumtaz has shown fondness for Junoon, and is influenced by singers such as Hamid Ali Khan and Mehdi Hassan, although their sound primarily falls in the Pop/Rock genre.

Band members


* Farhan Saeed- vocals, backing vocals
* Goher Mumtaz – lead guitars, backing vocals
* Aamir Sheraz – bass guitar, backing vocals


* Atif Aslam – vocals, backing vocals
* Omer Nadeem – Bass Guitars


* Paul Maurice - drums
* Salman Albert – drums
* Saad Sultan – rhythm guitar

Band Manager

* Dj Maq

Tour/Stage Manager

* Hasnain Alam


* Jal's video Ik Din Aye Ga was declared the 2nd best video among the top 100 videos selected by The Musik channel.
* Jal's debut album Aadat was declared the best selling album of 2004 on Geo TV by Mr. Khalid Sadaf (Owner of Sadaf Stereo).
* Jal also received a special award by Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital in recognition of their support and efforts to raise funds for fighting cancer in Pakistan.
* In 2006, Jal won an award at MTV Asia Awards 2006, following an award Indus Music Awards for best rock band in Pakistan.
* In 2008, Jal won a best song Musik Award for the song Chalte Chalte.
* In 2008, Jal won a best song award for "Sajni", The Best video for "Sajni" and the best album of the year for "Boondh" at the Lux Style Awards.
* In 2009, Jal won a best ballad song award for their song "More Piya" at MTV Asia Awards.
* In 2010, Jal Won a Best Video Song award For their song "Sajni" at Ptv Award.In June-2010.

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